Making Dreams Into Success?

The bright rays of the morning sun filtered through the curtains and cast a warm hue against my face. The chirping of birds serenaded the morning skies as I lay in bed looking out of the windows. The alarm clock suddenly sounded, cutting through the stillness of the morning like a hot knife through butter.

I snoozed it and rolled out of bed where I fell in a crumpled heap on the floor. I looked around my room and my eyes landed on my recently received degree certificate mounted next to all my other academic achievements. I chuckled to myself as I looked at it hanging on the wall. I had always imagined that I would have a sense of accomplishment upon completing my course but now I was feeling pretty much like how any other young graduate would feel now, lost in a concrete jungle with an expensive (albeit useless) paper in my hand and totally no clue as to my next step ahead in life.

I chuckled at the words on it. Making Dreams Into Success? Well, I certainly didn't think that success was being holed up in my room, sending resume after resume to faceless corporations in the hope of securing a position to be just another expandable employee in a cubicle somewhere in a large office.

In the past, attaining a degree of some sorts was seen as the first step to landing a secure job and a better future. But hey, we're not in the past anymore and technically, almost everyone you meet on the streets are degree holders. The sad fact of the matter is, having a degree no longer guarantees you a well paying job. Or a job, for that matter. A friend of mine graduated from NUS and is still unemployed after countless interviews and sending of resumes. Makes me wonder what of those of us who aren't from "prestigious" universities. Sigh.

Making Dreams Into Success?

I beg to differ.


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