Hello there,

Firstly, let me state that I never believed in writing blogs. I always thought that taking the time to write or maintain my personal blog was a waste of time and I wasn't one to follow with trends or mix with the "hipster" crowd.

But then, as I proceeded along in this journey of life, I figured that by penning down my thoughts, it would be a great way to vent out my frustrations, my concerns, my anger and whatnot. Stuff that goes around in the skunk works of my brain. A blog was just a place for me to voice out and also keep my sanity. Especially after slogging my ass off in school and realizing that the certificate is worth jack-shit. Legit.

Okay, I know the rant has started off early. I'll just get on with it.

And if you've just stumbled upon my blog by accident, I welcome you to have an insight to my life.

So here goes and I do hope you enjoy.

Do drop me message as I'm looking forward to hearing from you too!

Lots of Love



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