I Prefer The Backseat Please

Okay, this is gonna be a long rant. I had queued for 15 mins to enter a carpark in a popular heartland area and spent the next 20 mins rounding the carpark to look for a parking space, all while incessantly cursing and swearing at how the bloody Certificate of  Entitlement was doing absolutely nothing to ease the flow of cars. Overseas viewers, a Certificate of Entitlement is a piece of paper that we pay obscene amounts of money to get before we even buy a car. Which is why our average family sedans costs as much as a Mercedes in your country, or even more.

And so this got me thinking, in this current day and age where ride hailing portals like Grab and Uber are easily accessible and even offers the user rewards and "Promo codes", is there still a need for private car ownership?

Yes, I get it if you're a salesperson, an insurance or housing agent, etc. You need to travel and it definitely improves your image much better if you have a car, usually a European luxury marque because humans are judgmental assholes.

Also, if you have the irresistible need to show off your wealth then yes, you will splurge on a car, because you can't bring your title deeds out and showcase it to the world.

But if you're just an average person like me, and hate to search the carparks of malls endlessly for a miserable parking space, then I believe you'd favour the ride hailing app.
Not to mention the amount of money you would be able to save on installments, petrol, insurance and maintenance of the car. I mean, seriously, 100k for a Corolla? The Americans are laughing their asses off.

Private car ownership? No thanks, I'd rather take the backseat please.


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