A Fool's Game

Gambling is one of the most stupidest things ever, yet devilishly intelligent at the same time. It is the best reflections of man's never ending greed. A business venture that relies on no marketing strategy or advertisement except for the fact that the entire business model banks on this single thing called Hope.

Imagine that, a worldwide multi-trillion business model banking on an invisible product, while factoring in the average man's greed. Just the invisible promise of riches and there you have it, throngs of people queuing up in line to give away their hard earned money in the hope that they strike it rich overnight.

I mean, seriously people?

Gambling is for fools. You're putting in your blood, sweat and tears. Your hours of toiling away at your job. Your meal money. All for nothing. That seemingly tiny amount you spend on "occasional gambling", multiply it weekly by 4, and you'll be amazed at the amount. Multiply it over the many years of accumulated gambling losses, and I'm pretty sure your jaw has just hit the floor. Why not save up the money? Spend it on yourself, give it to your family, go on a holiday, open a fixed deposit account, anything. All the above options are so much better than simply throwing your money into the sea.

No, correction.

It is not just throwing your money into the sea. It is throwing your money, your hopes, dreams, future and your entire family into the sea. It is a game where clever men control the minds of the weak-willed and greedy.

Thankfully, I will never dwell into it, nor get addicted to it. I'm a person that doesn't believe in Hope or miracles, they are just fancy, make believe words for the foolish and uninitiated. All scorn aside, I urge all of you to reconsider before placing your next bets.

If it is so easy in life, there won't be a need for others to study or slog it out at work. Just go to your nearest betting store, place your bets and wait for the results to be out at 7pm.

Wake up lah.

Let me be super unapologetic and say...

"You really think you so lucky meh?"


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